Shade Card - Jacob DK

Shade Card - Jacob DK


Jacob Shade Card

31 repeatable colours are currently available. Additional colours will be added as time allows!

**Please note that the shade card should act as a guide only. Hand dyed yarns can vary a little in shade from batch to batch. This is why hand dyed yarn is unique!

If you have any questions, please do contact me!

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Jacob wool has a wonderfully earthy, rustic appeal and is delightful to squish! Once dyed, it produces a slightly heathered appearance adding to the overall textured look of the yarn.

This super breed produces a distinctive dark brown and white fleece which is very versatile.  This versatility enables the mill to spin variable shades ranging from dark, to mid to light grey.

The wool is classified as a medium fibre with a medium handle and is therefore suitable for knitting near to the skin projects such as hats, shawls and sweaters, (if you are a little sensitive, wear a t-shirt underneath!) I’ve used Jacob to knit mittens and find them extremely warm and comfortable!  

The Jacob wool I source is grown in the UK, then scoured and spun by a small independent UK Mill.